Commercial litigation - arbitration & mediation

Our lawyers are specialized in preventing, managing and resolving any disputes companies are facing with in their ongoing business and activities; we certainly master all negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution skills.


International functioning of the company

  • Disputes between shareholders, performance of the shareholders’ agreement, protection of minority shareholders’ rights
  • Directors liability and removal
  • Disputes related to the decisions taken by the company’s directors and governing bodies

External Growth operations

  • Breach of negotiations, letters of intention and preliminary contracts
  • Disputes related to merger approvals, and the value of shares
  • Price supplement, representations and warranties

Contracts and responsibilities

  • Contract annulment, non-execution and termination
  • Breach of business relations
  • Liability due to defective products
  • Debt protection and recovery
  • Disputes pertaining to credit agreements, guarantees and securities
  • Disputes pertaining to commercial leases

Commercial relationship

  • Relations with competitors
  • Denigration and defamatory campaigns
  • Product delisting, abuse of economic dependence
  • Employee poaching, customer solicitation and poaching, economic parasitism

Professional liability

  • Auditors’ liability
  • Banking establishments’ liability
  • Financial intermediaries’ liability

White collar crime & regulatory defense

  • Misuse of company property, presentation and publication of false account statements, confirmation of false information
  • False advertising, breach of trust, fraud, forgery and use, bribery
  • Stock market abuses: price tampering, insider trading, diffusion of false or deceitful information