Information technology, telecommunications & personal data

The firm’s litigation and advisory skills cover all digital issues. It has earned a solid reputation based on its proven technical expertise and great knowledge of the market, players, practices, notably due to its long standing collaboration with professional organizations and governmental authorities in charge of the regulation of these sectors.


Information technology

  • Drafting and negotiation of agreements:
  • Outsourcing, facilities management, cloud
  • Development, integration, assignment of rights
  • License (software usage, ASP, SaaS, Open Source etc.),
  • Maintenance and assistance
  • Distribution (VAR, OEM…)
  • Risk assessment and open source licensing review
  • Assistance with license compliance audits
  • Amicable and legal IT expertise monitoring
  • Litigation procedures: software counterfeiting, execution of contracts…


  • High and very high-speed FTTH broadband infrastructures and Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs)
  • Public service delegation or PPP conventions high and very-high-speed FTTH broadband
  • Regional Digital Development Plans
  • Establishment and operation of 3G mobile networks
  • Leasing of dark fibre and IRU (Indefeasible Right of Use) capacities
  • Leasing of high-altitude sites, sharing of infrastructure, acquisition of equipment.
  • Litigation: local loop unbundling charges, royalties on the use of public property, use of special phone numbers, use of radio frequencies, contribution to universal service funds and administrative taxes

Personal data

  • Development and implementation of compliance programs
  • Bringing into compliance data files and processing within companies
  • Declarations and authorization requests to the French National Commission of Information Technologies and Freedoms (CNIL)
  • Drawing up of policies regarding personal data collection and use (right of access, cookies, security measures,…) and drafting of charters
  • Drafting of transborder data flow agreements, BCR, data management in cloud services agreements
  • Management of the risks incurred by marketing departments
  • Implementation of whistleblowing policies
  • Assistance of our clients facing proceedings initiated by the CNIL
  • Training sessions concerning legal compliance requirements

The firm opted for appointing one of its members as Data Protection Officer (CIL / DPO).