Media, advertising & E-commerce

We have established a strong reputation in all digital areas. Due to media convergence and digital growth, our team has developed over the years a strong knowledge of these sectors’ evolutions (media, advertising and e-commerce). We assist online players as well as brick & mortar firms, associations, professional federations or governmental bodies.



  • Sponsoring and patronage
  • Creation of advertising campaigns
  • Collaboration with regulatory bodies (Audiovisual Council – CSA –, Advertising Standards Authority – BVP –, French Advertisers Association – UDA, etc.)
  • Publicity right and assignment of rights
  • Loi Sapin, sale and purchase of advertising spaces


  • Music / radio: distribution, license, publishing and band agreements
  • Audiovisual / TV: production and co-production agreements, monitoring of the copyright chain, streaming platforms’ management, peer to peer piracy prevention
  • Press / Publishing : publishing agreements
  • Online: podcasts, blogs, social networks
  • Video games
  • Online games : request for approval submitted to the ARJEL (the French Online Gambling Regulatory Authority)
  • Litigation in all areas: defamation, right of reply, counterfeit, plagiarism


  • Drafting and negotiation of website design agreements
  • Setting up of virtual shopping centres, intermediation platforms and marketplaces.
  • Drafting of website referencing agreements, advertising space sale or purchase agreements
  • Distribution on the Internet (General Terms and Conditions – GTC –, selective distribution…)
  • Liability of players
  • Payment services
  • Electronic evidence and signature
  • Adaptation of consumer laws with a view to protecting consumers on the Internet
  • Domain names’ registration process