Real estate and urban planning

From the very beginning, the Firm was intended to handle complex projects and enlist diversified skills. Since then, the Firm has developed a unique multidisciplinary expertise, rigorous and efficient.

In order to support our clients (public entities or private operators) in their real estate projects, we mobilize several of our skills : financing law, corporate law, public domain law, property law, urban planning law, public procurement contracts and private contracts law.


Public domain and land tenure

  • Public domain law, decommission procedure
  • Disposals and acquisitions
  • Competitive tendering procedures

Urban planning

  • Building permits audits, project feasibility analysis
  • Development and modification of urban planning regulations
  • Preemption and expropriation, litigation
  • Easements law
  • Mixed or joint development zones (ZAC), urban partnership projects (PUP), development concessions, mixed economy societies for single operations (SEMOP)

Real estate contracts

  • Commercial and professional leases
  • Sales in the future state of completion (VEFA)
  • Property development contracts