Restructuring & insolvency

The Restructuring & Insolvency team of Latournerie Wolfrom & Associés advises, assists and represents debtors, investment funds, executives, shareholders or creditors of companies which are underperforming or suffering from financial difficulties, as well as groups of companies needing to restructure. It accompanies them all along amicable proceedings, known as “preventive” (whistleblowing, ad hoc mandate, conciliation, credit mediation) and judicial proceedings aimed at resolving financial difficulties (safeguard proceedings, reorganization proceedings and liquidation proceedings).

We have established a lawyers team with significant experience in restructuring and dispute resolution, corporate and finance as well as employment law. Further skills can be mobilized to adapt our expertise to our clients’ needs especially in the areas of environmental law and Tax.


Operational restructuring

  • Carrying out of sale of business transactions and company mergers, within a context of economic difficulties;
  • Advice regarding spin-off transactions or closure of production plants; Assistance during social restructurings and implementation of massive redundancy plans.

Insolvency proceedings

  • Counsel of debtors or shareholders during the elaboration and the implementation of safeguard, continuation or sale of assets plans and representation of potential buyers for the presentation of their takeover bid before the bankruptcy court;
  • Assistance of creditors (filing of proofs of claim, ownership recovery claims, enforcement of guarantees);
  • Defense of shareholders, executives and creditors with respect to civil or criminal liability claims (claims aimed at extending the insolvency proceedings to another entity, claims for mismanagement “action en comblement de passif”, abusive financial support, fraudulent bankruptcy “banqueroute”).

Financial restructuring

  • Assistance of debtors with regards to debt restructurings and the renegotiation of financing contracts renegotiation;
  • Assistance of investment funds and managers faced with LBO in difficulty;
  • Advice to the state and local public entities faced with a default in a financing project;
  • Defense of creditors, including bondholders, and implementation of measures enabling to preserve their claim.

Human resources

  • Assistance of the company with the process of information/consultation of employee representative bodies
  • Assistance with drafting the restructuring plan before initiation of insolvency proceedings or in the implementation of a disposal plan