We have a well-deserved reputation for providing successful advice in all areas of French and international taxation. Its approach is above all based on a long-term strategic vision which requires both hindsight and anticipation, it is with the utmost technical flawlessness that we elaborate and implement the legal and financial options best suited to the varied and particular needs of our diverse clientele: companies, industrial and commercial groups, local authorities, public institutions, investment funds, families, corporate officers, high net worth individuals…


Corporate taxation 

  • Acquisition structuring, streamlining, restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, LBOs, OBOs, MBOs …, etc.;
  • Taxation applicable to dividend flows, interest income, intellectual property rights, service fees in domestic and crossborder intragroup relations, large practice in accounting and tax impact of corporation tax consolidation French regime;
  • Tax impact of assets financing, real estate transactions, VAT recovery schemes;
  • Control and optimisation of research tax credit and other tax incentives.

International taxation

  • Structuring of investments carried out in France by foreign companies, permanent establishments issues, commissionaire schemes;
  • Transfer pricing filing and principles, drafting of cross border service agreements ;
  • Reorganisation of cross-border groups, location of intangible assets, usual practice of numerous tax treaties ;
  • Use of non French tax incentives (Luxembourg, Ireland for example) for French corporations having business abroad;
  • Numerous cooperations with tax lawyers, notably located in UK, US, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and a large number of African countries.

Personal and estate taxation

  • Wealth tax, inheritance and donation taxation ,
  • Family structuring and assets valuation (real estate and financial assets), non taxable professional assets, wealth tax avoidance and incentives, , assistance in tax audits and litigation, etc.;
  • Incentive tools for corporate executives and key players;
  • Tax optimisation of the income derived by corporate executives in the context of private equity operations.

Taxation of public sector operators

  • Tax aspects of public service delegation and public-private partnership (PPP, BEH and BEA) agreements, local tax regulations;
  • Tax impact of public subsidies – impact of financings on VAT recovery, optimisation of VAT deduction.
  • Accounting and tax rules applicable to public entities;
  • Tax aspect of non-profit organization, limitation of the non-taxable activities

Tax dispute and litigation

  • Assistance of clients in the tax audit and litigation process in any area of French tax law;
  • Redaction of answers to reassessments proposals, meetings with the French tax authorities;
  • Assistance for ruling procedures (APA, special regime for mergers and business contributions …)