Publié le 25 May 2016 dans "News"

LWA advised groupe Destia’s shareholders

Following this operation, the group managers, Xavier Mura and Benjamin Glauberg, own one-third of the Company’s share capital, along with the equity investors that hold the remaining two-third of the share capital.  Paluel-Marmont Capital, shareholder of Avidom since 2013 through its investment fund PMCII, sold its stake, as well as Daniel Cremades, who resigned from his office as President of the group.

Groupe Destia arose from the merger of the groups Avidom and Sous Mon Toit, carried out in February 2015, with the assistance of LWA.

LWA advised the sellers, with Pierre Lafarge, partner and Camille Baudin, associate, on the corporate aspects of the transaction, Jean-Luc Marchand, partner and Ségolène Bourguignon, associate, on the review of the tax matters of the vendor due diligence (VDD), Marie-Hélène Tonnelier, partner, Charlotte Barraco-David, Of Counsel and Corentin Pallot, associate, on the review of the intellectual property and personal data aspects of the VDD;  Sarah-Jane Mirou, partner and Elodie De Cock, associate, on the review of the labor law aspects of the VDD.