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Partner in real property law at LWA since 20211, Julien has over 20 years of recognised experience in the area of real property law.

He assists his clients in all the stages from the acquisition, construction, valuation to the management of real property.

He is regularly involved in the elaboration and implementation of complex real property arrangements for the benefit of private and public institutional investors. Julien Desclozeaux also assists investors in connection with the acquisition or transfer of real property assets and the drafting of agreements required for the performance of real property transactions (real property development agreements (CPI), off-plan sales (VEFA), agreements for the project management, assistance to the project management (AMO), etc.) and during the litigation and prelitigation stages in the area of liability and construction law.

He advises lessors and users for the negotiation and drafting of commercial leases and during the various proceedings referred to the judge of commercial rents.




• The general law governing agreements in the area of real property and construction
• The law governing leases and other occupancy agreements – real property management
• Real property transaction arrangements
• Transactions


• Postgraduate degree (DEA) in corporate law – Université Paris Dauphine
• Postgraduate degree (DESS) in real property law – Université Paris II Assas
• Master’s degree in private law – Université Paris II Assas


• French
• English
• Spanish


• Member of AJEDIM since 1998
• Member of Association du Master de droit de l’Entreprise – Paris Dauphine


• Julien regularly participates and animates colloquiums and training sessions in the area of real property law. He regularly provides training to real property players and in particular on the occasion of training sessions provided internally on request of his clients. Julien has recently provided training on the following topics: “The payment of rents and the Covid-19 crisis”. “The principal provisions of the underlying financial aspects that are to be negotiated in connection with commercial leases”. “Practical aspects of judicial expertise proceedings in the specific area of real property law” “The procedure for determining the rent of a lease that is to be renewed” “Timeframe for the proceedings and time limit in the area of commercial lease litigation” “Waivers to recourses with respect to real property insurance”.


• Immobilier : « un secteur qui ne connait pas la crise » – Inspir medef paris (avril 2022)