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Telecom – Internet: Arcep grants a new authorization for Starlink

Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

arcep announced today that starlink (spacex) has been granted a new authorization to use frequencies for its fixed satellite internet access service in france, following a public consultation. (press release here).

latournerie wolfrom avocats, with térence cabot, who has accompanied starlink since its launch in france, is delighted with this decision.

Starlink benefited from an authorisation issued on 9 february 2021, which was annulled by the Conseil d’etat in a ruling of 5 april 2022 at the request of associations for the protection of the environment and health. the judge considered that a public consultation should have been organised by arcep before granting the frequencies to Starlink insofar as this was “likely to have a significant impact on the market for the provision of high-speed internet access, and to affect users”.

In the light of the contributions received, ARCEP notes in particular the interest of the Starlink service in developing connectivity in mobile “white areas” or areas poorly served by fibre networks.

Starlink is the satellite internet service launched by Elon Musk / photo credit Pixabay

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