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| LWA SEMINAR: an inspiring day shared by the entire firm on the theme of ‘sustainable development and CSR in law firms’ |

The entire event was designed to respect the theme, with upstream internal communication on the #odd (sustainable development objectives); at a CSR-committed venue Les Fermes de Gally) where we travelled by sustainable means of transport (bicycle, carpooling, green taxi or on foot).

Together, based on the firm’s values of entrepreneurship, integrity, commitment and humanity, we showed our solidarity by picking 255kg of fruit and vegetables for the Yvelines “Restaurants du Coeur” (les restos du coeur /website).

Thank you to SSophie Boyer Chammard for her fascinating presentation on the evolution and opportunities of sustainability (both internally and externally) for law firms, with whom we were able to discuss and debate concrete and sustainable solutions to be implemented within the firm today.

Thank you to Frédérique Durandin (Fermes de gally) for her investment in this project and to our eco-responsible VTC service provider Caocao Mobility France.

We’re energised, determined and motivated!

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