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Thibaut Kazémi & Hervé Castelnau nommés ‘Meilleurs avocats d’affaires du Mid-Market’ 2023

Le Cabinet est fier de vous partager la nomination d’Herve Castelnau et Thibaut Kazemi parmi les 10 meilleurs avocats d’affaires du mid-market en France selon Business Today
Merci à nos clients pour leur confiance
Félicitations à nos Associés, leurs équipes & à tous nos confrères nommés dans cette édition!

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Top 10 Trailblazing Mid-Market Corporate Lawyers Revolutionizing France’s M&A Landscape in 2023

France boasts a vibrant legal industry, replete with impressive corporate attorneys who specialize in Mid-Market mergers & acquisitions (M&A). These legal professionals are the cornerstone of commercial transactions, often acting as both negotiators and mediators in crucial business dealings. In this feature, we delve into the delivery and contributions of some of France’s finest attorneys in the field of M&A Mid-Market.

Critical to the growth and development of businesses across sectors, these senior legal experts have navigated complex corporate structures, advising on the establishment of joint ventures, taking on sell-side transactions and playing pivotal roles in cross-border deals. With a unique blend of industry-specific knowledge and extensive legal expertise, they have consolidated their reputations in the industry.

In pursuing a Mid-Market M&A strategy, companies often look to achieve economies of scale, expand into new markets, or acquire new capabilities. These featured lawyers, who cater to such midsize companies, possess the requisite technical knowledge and strategic prowess to guide them through the complexities of M&A transactions. Let us meet these legal stalwarts who continue to impact the French corporate landscape, one deal at a time. (…)

Thibaut Kazémi boasts a diverse transactional practice, incorporating the establishment of strategic partnerships, joint ventures and both buy and sell-side transactions. Kazémi is particularly adept in the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications sector. He brings a unique dual qualification as a member of both the Paris and New York Bars to his practice.

Hervé Castelnau demonstrates a strong position in M&A transactions and corporate restructuring matters. His wealth of experience with domestic clients in the media and telecoms sectors particularly stands out. Castelnau’s proficiency in handling cross-border cases further strengthens his portfolio.

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